Hometown: Coaldale, PA
First Job: Paris Accessories, a sewing factory from the days of old!
Hobbies: talking about recipes, gardening, crafts, spending time with my family.
Apps I Can't Live Without: Facebook and Pinterest.
Tech Tip: Come and see us when you need help! If not you always have the right click option to give you more option!
Favorite Quote, Motto, or Slogan: Education is Key. Remember the past, Keep an eye on the present, and the other on the future, Dream Big! Planning and Hard work will get you there!
Recharging Zone: The Great outdoors in Pennsylvania! I love the mountains and all the seasons.
Number of computers at home: 1 laptop, 1 tablet, 2 smartphones. I love my laptop!
Favorite thing about S & O Computers, LLC: Getting to know and assisting our customers while learning & teaching the newest and coolest computer things!